Preet 955 4WD

Price : ₹ 5,20,000 - ₹ 5,50,000

Engin Power : 50 HP
PTO Power : 43 HP
Gears :
Forward Gears : 8
Reverse Gears : 2
Type of Steering : Power Steering
Type of Brakes : Multi Disc Oil Immersed
Lifting Capacity : 1800 kg

PREET 955 Overview

The PREET 950 - 4WD tractor is intended to fulfill powerful general-purpose operations in farming, main and prelip plowing, sowing, harvesting using high-performance combined and wide-cut aggregates and transport operations. It is the base module for modifying tractors used in communal services and forestry. As an exception that confirms the more elaborate capabilities of conventional assembly tractors, the PREET 955 - 4WD tractor can be used on all types of work, including inter-row farming of tiled crops.

Up-to-date construction and advanced solutions embodied in this tractor ensure its year-round operation and effective work, especially when working with modern aggregates. The PREET 955 - 4WD tractor is an up-to-date general concept of tractors with low-toxicity engines. Work-oriented and thorough conversion of the experimental-design project for global operation and maximum efficiency.



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Preet 955 4WD Specifications

ENGINE Specification
Horsepower (HP) 50 HP
Engine Capacity in cc 3066 cc
Engine RPM 2200 RPM
Cylinder 3
Air Filter Dry type
Cooling Type Water Cooled

TRANSMISSION Specifications
Clutch Dual
Type of Transmission Combination Constant & Sliding mesh
Forward Speed 2.67 – 33.89 kmph
Reverse speed 3.74 – 12.27 kmph
No of Forward Gears 8
No of Reverse Gears 2

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BRAKES Specifications
Type of Brake Multi Disc Oil Immersed
Turning radius with brake NA

STEERING Specifications
Type of Steering Power Steering
Steering Adjustment NO

PTO POWER Specifications
Type of PTO 6 Spline
PTO RPM 540, Reverse

FUEL TANK Specifications
FUEL TANK Capacity(Liters) 67 liters

Weight 2330 kg
Wheelbase 2100 mm
Overall Length 3320 mm

HYDRAULICS Specifications
Lifting capacity 1800 kg

TYRE SIZE Specifications
Front Tyres 8 X 18
Rear Tyres 14.9 X 28

Drive Type
Drive type 4WD

Warranty NA